Hong Kong

Cisco Innovation Challenge

Global Problem Solver

In order to provide more IoT / IT-related learning resources to students who have signed up for the "Cisco Creative Problem Solving Challenge (CIC)" in Hong Kong, the organizers invite industry experts and speakers to share and discuss the CIC competition. The theme is to help the students prepare for the CIC competition (such as providing insight into Insight, Brainstorming, to stimulate more thinking).

Useful Resources

CIC GPS Excellent Project (2017 - 18)

Theme: Smart City

  • Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

Connect and Recycle: SmartLid Recycle Bin Cover (Video / Concept Notes)

  • Carmen Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School

冷氣機隔塵網塵埃監測器 (Video / Concept Notes)

  • ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School

鐵路人流管理系統 (Video / Concept Notes)

  • Carmel Holy Word Secondary School

智能小巴系統 (Video / Concept Notes)

  • St Paul's Convent School

Health Band (Video / Concept Notes)

  • The Y.W.C.A. Hioe Tjo Yoeng College

生命拯救者 Life Saver (Video / Concept Notes)

Theme: Social Communion

  • Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School

"智"能扶手 (Video / Concept Notes)

Theme: Health and Food Safety

  • HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.1 Secondary School

智能濾水水質監察器 (Video / Concept Notes)

  • Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College

長者智能杯座 (Video / Concept Notes)